Network Integration

Nemesis PRO <-> Helena V2 Merge Program

As Nemesis Network, we’ve decided to initiate an integration process between Helena V2 and Nemesis PRO by implementing features and utilities to build bridges between the two projects. This decision stems from Nemesis’ vision to create a more flexible and united front that expands and supports the mutual interest of users from both respectable projects.

What are the Advantages?

Efficient Development: We reduce duplication of effort and streamline development processes. This will help us bring new features and products to market faster and more efficiently.

Combined Network Effects: Combining the respective user bases of the two projects and potentially creating a larger and more engaged community can lead to increased network effects and greater value for all users.

Unified Ecosystem: The integration will create a more cohesive and unified platform for all users. This will enable cross-platform interoperability and enhance the overall user experience.

Flexible & Increased Innovation: Nemesis Network plans to increase the potential of innovation by bringing together two projects. With more resources and expertise at hand, experimenting with new ideas and pushing the boundaries of what is possible becomes much more accessible.

Strengthened Monetary Policy: The integration will enable the two projects to support each other's monetary policies and treasuries with a tighter pact. This will allow both projects to progress and strengthen in a common direction, creating more user value.

Expanded Reach of Successful Features: The integration will enable the expansion of successful features to a broader audience within the Nemesis Ecosystem, increasing the value proposition for users. Sharing best practices and resources between the two projects will help identify and implement new features that better serve users.

How will the Integration be Carried Out?

The integration is currently planned to take place through mutual features and utilities between projects. The first step regarding the integration will be done through Loyalty Reward System and NMS LP Reward Pool. More info regarding Loyalty Rewards can be found here. The rest of the integration process will continue through Auction Bonding, Reverse Auctions, and Cross Auctions.

*Please be vary that the terms of the Integration Process may be changed unilaterally by our team. If so, this Whitepaper will be updated accordingly.

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