Nemesis PRO Treasury

The Treasury is a critical component of the Nemesis protocol. It represents all assets owned and controlled by the protocol and utilizes these assets to execute an efficient Supply Control Policy.

The Treasury's fundamental objective is maintaining NMSP liquidity on open markets and stabilizing NMSP through direct market actions. Furthermore, the treasury administers a group of critical assets for the protocol's long-term welfare.

The main assets, reserves, and NMSP liquidity positions are called protocol reserve assets and are held in the on-chain treasury contract, which is secured by Multi-sig.

100% of the Treasury-held NMSP tokens are the reward for the protocol's staking and farming pools. Any forecasted excess NMSP tokens will be auctioned via Auction Bonding if the Range Bound remains positive for at least 72 hours.

The Treasury also funds events, contests, and competitions with NMPS rewards.

At the beginning of each month:

25% of the Treasury's stable assets will be allocated to the Automated Buyback System.

10% of the Treasury's stable assets will be allocated to marketing efforts, future developments, shareholder dividend payouts, and team payments.

5% of the Treasury's stable assets will be reserved for Reverse Auctions and Loyalty Reward Pool.

Treasury's liquidity positions can only be used by Liquidity Management System. In the event of utilizing the NMSP/BUSD pair (for pushing the NMSP price upwards), 100% of the BUSD amount received will be put back into liquidity by Automed Buyback System. In comparison, 100% of NMSP tokens will remain in Treasury to provide more future rewards.

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