Liquidity Management System

The Liquidity Management System is one of the stand-out features within the Nemesis Ecosystem. It supports Automated Buyback System and Range Bound Stability to ensure NMSP price stays above the higher wall in the 90-day moving average. While LP Bond increases liquidity when required, LMS withdraws 2% of the POL and an equal amount of NMSP/BUSD from the NMSP liquidity pool on Pancakeswap. Then, it sends 100% of the NMSP tokens to the Treasury (for providing rewards) and adds 100% of the BUSD to the auto buyback wallet, which is to add to the liquidity pool at a later time via an Automated Buyback System.

In a downward trend, LMS operates normally, whereas, in an upward trend, it will either slow down or shut down temporarily. LMS aims to strengthen the price impact of buybacks by decreasing the number of tokens in liquidity and accelerating the frequency of buybacks.

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