WINGS is an index-adjusted wrapper for HELENA.
WINGS is an index-adjusted wrapper for HELENA. Unlike your HELENA balance, your WINGS balance will not increase over time. When WINGS is unwrapped, you receive HELENA based on the latest (ever-increasing) index, so the total yield is going to be the same in either case if you hold HELENA or WINGS Token in your wallet.
With the release of V2, new features are implemented using WINGS. Multi-layered compounding with WINGS Multiplier, a chance to win extra rewards with WINGS Rush and Auction Bonding. More features may be added in the future.
Taxation and Trading
Wrap, Unwrap, Transfer: NO TAX
Buy, Sell from WINGS/BNB Pair: Don't trade WINGS through any swap! The Liquidity Pair is not supported by the TEAM.