Global Achievements

The Global Achievements* program is an integral part of our platform's growth strategy, aimed at expanding and enhancing its features through collective community effort. By encouraging widespread participation, these achievements create opportunities for investors to maximize their benefits from the platform's progressively expanding capabilities. As each milestone is reached, new avenues are unlocked, providing innovative ways to bring greater value to our native token.
Achievement 1 Reach: "50,000 Global Multiplier Power" in Helena Multiplier. Unlock: Helena Rush and Loyalty Point System. The first achievement milestone involves attaining a collective Multiplier Power of 50,000. Once this threshold is met, the Helena Rush and Loyalty Point System will be unlocked. The Rush Game presents an exciting opportunity for participants to engage in a dynamic gaming experience, while the Loyalty Point System rewards users for their consistent involvement.
Achievement 2 Mint: "100,000 NMS LP Tokens" through Helena Rush. Unlock: NMS LP Reward Pool. The second achievement milestone focuses on minting a total of 100,000 NMS LP Tokens through Helena Rush. By collectively reaching this goal, the NMS LP Reward Pool will be unlocked. The NMS LP Reward Pool offers a dedicated space where users can earn BUSD rewards based on their participation.
Achievement 3 Reach: "250,000 Global Pool Power" in NMS LP Reward Pool. Unlock: Auction Bonding. To unlock the Auction Bonding feature, the collective Global Pool Power in the NMS LP Reward Pool needs to reach 250,000. Auction Bonding introduces an exciting mechanism for users to participate in auctions and explore new opportunities within the platform.
Achievement 4 Reach: "500,000 Global Pool Power" in NMS LP Reward Pool. Unlock: Blessings. Upon reaching a Global Pool Power of 500,000 in the NMS LP Reward Pool, the HELENA Blessings feature will be unlocked.
Achievement 5 TBA *Please be vary that the terms and metrics of the Global Achievements, as listed here, may be changed unilaterally by our team. If so, this Whitepaper will be updated accordingly.