🫐The Hellenic Treasury

The Hellenic Treasury plays a crucial role within the ecosystem, supporting various aspects of the platform and contributing to its growth and sustainability. With a range of strategic initiatives and functions, the Hellenic Treasury ensures the smooth operation of the platform and enhances the experience for token holders. This section outlines the key responsibilities and functions of the Hellenic Treasury, including the refill of the NMS LP Reward Pool, provision of promotion rewards, execution of buyback and burn programs, and funding of future reward and prize pools.

The Hellenic Treasury

  1. Refills NMS LP Reward Pool Monthly: The Hellenic Treasury recognizes the importance of maintaining a robust and enticing reward pool for token holders. As such, it allocates 10% to 10% of its BNB holdings (by converting to BUSD) at the beginning of each month to refill the NMS LP Reward Pool. This ensures a continuous flow of rewards and incentivizes participation within the ecosystem.

  2. Provides Promotion, Contest, and Airdrop Rewards: The Hellenic Treasury takes charge of offering attractive rewards and incentives for various promotional activities, contests, and airdrops conducted on the platform. These rewards serve to engage the community, foster participation, and recognize the contributions of token holders.

  3. Executes Buyback and Burn Programs: In alignment with the platform's strategic objectives, the Hellenic Treasury executes buyback and burn programs. This may be done to bolster its own token reserves or actively reduce the circulating supply. By strategically managing the token supply, the treasury aims to create a favorable market environment and enhance the value proposition for token holders.

  4. Funds Future Reward and Prize Pools: The Hellenic Treasury proactively supports the development of new and exciting projects that leverage its resources and cutting-edge reward generation methods. Through funding future reward and prize pools, the treasury facilitates the implementation of innovative GameFi features and stake pools. This commitment to ongoing improvement ensures a dynamic and rewarding experience for platform token holders.

In summary, the Hellenic Treasury serves as a pivotal entity within the ecosystem, driving engagement, incentivizing participation, and contributing to the long-term success of the platform. By refilling the NMS LP Reward Pool, providing attractive promotion rewards, executing buyback and burn programs, and funding future reward and prize pools, the treasury actively supports the growth and prosperity of the ecosystem and its community.

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