Protocol Tokenomics

HELENA V2 is a BEP20 token that rewards its holders with automatic reflection rewards. The token contract has an anti-bot feature for blocking frontrunners and sandwich attackers. Helena Deployer minted 550,000 HELENA V2 during migration.
(46.00%) 253,000 HELENA V2 Burned -> TX. (27.27%) 150,000 HELENA V2 Added to New Liquidity Pair -> TX 1 + TX 2 + TX 3* (19.45%) 107,000 HELENA V2 Sent to Migration Contract -> TX 1 + TX 2. (07.28%) 40,000 HELENA V2 Sent to The Hellenic Treasury -> TX 1 - TX 2. *The Liquidity Migration has been initiated with a 1:1 ratio. Transaction 1 involves the transfer of general liquidity, while Transaction 2 shows the transfer of the accumulations from the Automatic Liquidity Engine. Additionally, Transaction 3 includes an extra contribution by Helena Deployer, resulting in an increased amount of BNB being added to the new pair during the migration. While transfers and purchases do not incur any fees, taxation is applicable for sell transactions. Buy Tax: 0% Transfer Tax: 0% Sell Tax: 19% Collected funds provide capital for our protocol for performing its critical functions. Reflection Rewards: 5% Hellenic Treasury: 5% Team & Marketing: 5% Auto Liquidity Engine: 4% Tax distributions are triggered once the token contract accumulates 1,000 Tokens. The designated wallet for tax distribution is 0x69bcd7520fecb3ba43512ad8b44c27e8d6352edb. Reflections are automatically airdropped to the wallets of token holders. The collected BNBs are evenly divided between the Hellenic Treasury and the Marketing Wallet. The LP tokens that have been accumulated are sent to the Automatic Liquidity Engine.