Helena Financial Overview

A new protocol for maximizing stable returns as much as possible. Enjoy 1,000,365% Genesis APY!
Helena Financial is an innovative in-wallet Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding protocol that promises to simplify the staking process and maximize the sustainable returns that $HELENA token holders receive. Helena has also renovated all of its tools in order to better serve its users with a new and convenient web page and dApp developed for the V2. With its fast yields, impulsive supply control, and the new V2 features, Helena Financial is competent to redefine DeFi 3.0.
1) AutoStaking and Compounding - $HELENA AutoStakes and AutoCompounds, directly in your wallet. Thus, buying $HELENA eliminates any compelling reason to move your tokens from your wallet. Tokens you receive are instantly staked and set up to acquire rebase rewards. $HELENA is the most straightforward auto-staking protocol in the DeFi space until now.
2) Community Driven "DAO Governed" APY in BSC - Helena Financial currently pays $HELENA holders a proper return of 1,002% APY, which periodically changes based on the DAO Governance voting. Each DAO voting is announced prior to the event & continues for 72 hours for the maximum participation from investors. There have been 2 votes since the APY control has passed to DAO Governance & the DAO Governance moved the protocol to a relatively more deflationary stance as a precaution to the bear market; while the protocol started providing higher compound APY with new V2 utilities.
3) Ultra Fast Rebases - Unlike previous staking protocols that distribute rebasing rewards every 8 hours, Helena Financial pays out rebase rewards every 15 minutes – 96 times every day – making it the fastest AutoStaking protocol in the crypto space.
4) The Hellenic Treasury - Most parts of the trading fees are stored in The Hellenic Treasury, which helps sustain staking rewards by maintaining price stability and significantly reducing downside risk. The fund will also support new reward pools in the 👽 AngeL NFT Zone and👺 Helena Club House.
5) Auctioned Bonds - Helena Financial is proud to introduce the concept of Auction Bonding to the crypto space. While Auction Rounds will help deflate parent platform tokens, this new bonding approach will also become another source of income for The Hellenic Treasury.
6) Random Golden Epochs - After reaching the 5th milestone “50,000 LP (Loyalty Points) on Profit Sharing Globally”, Consequent Epoch Rewards will be unlocked along with the NFT Zone, randomly increasing yield rewards by at least 10% and up to 1000%.
7) Impulsive Supply Control - A particularly exciting highlight of Helena Financial is a programmed symbolic consumption framework known as the Impulsive Supply Control. It prevents flowing stockpiles from wild fluctuations that render them unmanageable. The Hellenic Treasury manages this supply control mechanism with a burn schedule adjusted weekly.
8) Nemesis Network dAPP Integrations and Revenue Generating Streams - A core requirement of any tokenization model is creating a 'utilization case,' i.e., a real-world, everyday utility. In light of this, Helena will be hosting a series of fun, theoretical games inside the eagerly anticipated 👽 AngeL NFT Zone and👺 Helena Club House.
Helena Financial contributes a variety of revenue streams to the protocol to create a system that is supported by a burn>yield strategy to mitigate the inflation caused by yield rewards. By doing so, due to these mentioned values, Helena ceases to be just a simple game theory and becomes an ever-expanding platform in which to invest.
Last modified 2mo ago