The Hellenic Treasury

Fees Stored in The Hellenic Treasury Help Sustain Overall Protocol Health.
1) Backs Rebase Rewards, Ensures a Stable APY - In simple terms, staking rewards distributed every 15 minutes are backed by The Hellenic Treasury, thus ensuring $HELENA token holders receive a high and stable interest rate. 2) Provides Promotion, Contest, and Airdrop Rewards - The Hellenic Treasury is responsible for providing promotion rewards and similar incentives for the events made on the platform.
3) HELENA Buybacks from the Market Pair - Either for increasing its own token reserves OR for decreasing the circulating supply, The Hellenic Treasury will make regularly buybacks from the HELENA/BNB Market Pair.
4) Funds Future Reward and Prize Pools - This brings new and exciting projects that utilize The Hellenic Treasury and state-of-the-art reward generation methods for platform token holders and new kind of staking protocols and prize pools.