NMS LP Reward Pool (V2)

The Nemesis Network Loyalty Reward program allows players to receive BUSD rewards by using their NMS LP Tokens.
Players can “Buy Energy” with their NMS LP tokens and increase their pool share to receive more BUSD from the pool. Users will receive the same amount of NMS LP Energy according to the NMS LP tokens spent on the pool (1 NMS LP = 1 POOL ENERGY). Upon buying energy, all of the NMS LP tokens will be sent to the dead wallet, and they can not be recovered. This means purchasing power is one-sided, and the process can not be reversed.
While Rush Fee Wallet will send its BUSD holdings constantly, The Hellenic Treasury will send 10% of its BNB holdings (in BUSD) to the reward pool at the beginning of each month.
Dripping Reward Mechanism Instead of distributing all holdings in the LP Reward Pool at once, which is very volatile and unsustainable, the pool will distribute 2% of its total reward holdings every 24 hours.
Else the differences between high- and low-profit days discourage miners from minting new LP Tokens. This way, new players will not be left out, as the total reward amount will not diminish quickly and will continue to provide much more stable returns to the stakers in the long run. Moreover, the entire pool rewards will be boosted constantly because it will be much easier for new miners to compete with the old ones, and the old stakers will also need to continue participating to sustain their competitive share ratio.
Energy Decay Mechanism To be fairer to the new players and to further incentivize continuous LP minting, we implemented a daily 1% decay on LP Staking Energy. In this way, early players will still get the most benefit as they will have an edge and higher shares from the start but a diminishing one.
However, the real winners will be the ones who will be actively participating in the LP minting process, as they will be the backbone of the loyalty program and will keep supporting the reward pool continuously and boosting overall returns. This will trigger an ever-running Reward Pool and a long-term healthy & stable circulation of LPs and much evenly distributed profits.
Daily rewards distributions and power decays will be applied every day at 00:00 UTC.
Additional Information Token Name: Nemesis Network Loyalty Point Token (NMSLP) Contract Address: 0x2CBceE506304b579149749758BBF877B4b40E6d2 NMS LP Tokens are non-tradeable and non-transferable. Kindly note that LP decay will only affect when the NMS LP Tokens are spent for the pool; therefore, NMS Tokens in your wallet won’t decay.