Helena Club House (V2)

Helena Club House is designed to provide a revenue stream and bring real value to the Helena protocol. The Club House will feature a number of games where investors can win more rewards while having fun.
Participation in Club House games will grant Nemesis Network Loyalty Point Tokens regardless of the "Win-Lose" outcome. NMSLP Tokens will be used within many upcoming features and events, but most importantly, users will be able to participate in NMS LP Reward Pool by burning their NMSLP tokens for more pool share.
A reward-yielding protocol needs to have a revenue stream for many reasons.
First and foremost, if a protocol that distributes rewards doesn't have a revenue stream, that means the rewards are minted out of thin air. Minting rewards inevitably lowers the price of that token. Having a revenue stream like the clubhouse gives Helena real value, making it deflationary and sustainable in the long run. Check out our first Club House Game: WINGS Rush!​
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