Node Types & Upgrades

The maximum number of nodes per wallet is limited to 100.

AngeL Nodes provide you with an ecosystem to generate a lifetime passive income while reinforcing the sustainable growth of the protocol. You can increase the yield of your Nodes by upgrading them to the upper tier or by using booster codes.

  • Players don't have to claim their earnings every day. Node earnings pile up.

  • The distributions are not instant and made in order. It may take 1h to 12h to receive collected node earnings however players continue to collect earnings during this waiting period.

Upgrading your node to upper-tier temporarily stops your yield from that node however it does not cost anything! This means a player will not be able to collect earnings during the upgrades.

On 23 April 2022, Helena Node was released by the team with a remarkable ROI. Helena Node is a Bonus Node and it does not get counted within the 100 node limit.

* The only way to get the Nemesis Node is by upgrading the Arch Angel Node.

Dark Angel to Arch Angel takes 33 Days.

Arch Angel to Nemesis takes 11 Days.

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