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AngeL Nodes Dissolution

AngeL Community decided to dissolve the AngeL Nodes protocol through the following proposal: At the time of dissolution: Angel BNB LP held 400 BNB, and Arch Treasury held 550 BNB. Making the total assets to be distributed: 950 BNB.
Node owners received Angel Migration Points (AMP) according to their node holdings: REFUND PROCESS: Add $AMP to your wallet: "0x6bA7e14c9E345e15F01f3a207BBDDEFC4164dd6F" * -> If you would like to receive BNB as a form of a refund, send all of your AMP tokens to the following address: 0x071ECf0BbFB60ab3d5bfFC5eAfef006ac929B7f6 Refunds are being made by BNB only after Batch 8!